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Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano® was formed in 1985 by its owner Joseph Christiano. Seeing how health clubs were primarily in the business of selling memberships and not providing service Joseph Christiano decided to make fitness personal and began the first private one-on-one studio in southeast United States.

With his passion to ‘help people be healthy’ and make fitness personal, Body Redesigning private one-on-one studios grew to 6 locations in central Florida as did its clientele base of top line executives from Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, General Mills, Sea World, plus major law firms, doctors and most professionals. The list of clientele included Hollywood celebrities and executives such as; Bonnie Bodalia, Sylvester Stallone, Bryant Levant plus local TV and radio personalities.

Body Redesigning provided one-on-one fitness training, nutritional counseling as well as in-house fitness training. Body Redesigning became the premier fitness facility for young women competing in the Miss America, Miss USA and Mrs. Pageants for swimsuit competition. Young aspiring women traveled from all parts of the U.S. to get their body redesigned by Joseph Christiano.

As Joseph Christiano envisioned a wider reach with his expertise and knowledge the geography began to change for Body Redesigning. Leaving the local private one-on-one studio business Joseph Christiano took his company and expertise throughout the USA, Canada and Caribbean doing seminars and lectures on body, soul and spiritual heath and fitness. The vision for Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano® continued to evolve to an even larger market base.

With 25 years of being in business Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano® now reaches a global market featuring health and fitness books on blood types and body types, exercise programs on DVD, healthy lifestyle coaching series by Dr. Christiano, Body Genetics® nutritional product line plus TEAM UP™ online Health and Fitness life coaching service for people from all over the world.

As was the original passion for ‘help people be healthy’ and making fitness personal Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano® continues to provide the expertise, products and service for all who want to live healthier disease-free lives.