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My Interactive 90 Days to Weigh Less Program is designed to help you jumpstart your New Year's goals to lose the extra weight you may have put on over the holidays in addition to improving your health, energy and overall wellness. This program includes all the components for losing weight, detoxifying your body and improving your illness profiles.

In the 90 Days to Weigh Less program, best-selling author and health and fitness expert Joseph Christiano becomes your personal fitness trainer, health coach and motivator. He’ll share his secrets for redesigning your body, reaching your ideal weight for life and much more!

The 90 day program has 2 components:

1. The Body Redesigning Healthy Lifestyle System.

2. Weekly Online Coaching w/ Joseph Christiano

The Body Redesigning Healthy Lifestyle System

Packed with years of expertise and knowledge that will revolutionize your view of weight loss and staying healthy like never before. Listen to Dr. Joe explain what you get:

Online Weekly Coaching Sessions

In addition to your Healthy Lifestyle System, Dr. Joe will be coaching you every week from his Online Coaching Center to your computer for staying motivated to SUCCEED. Each session is approx. 10-20 minutes. After each coaching session, you will receive an e-mail the next day that re-caps the coaching session plus healthy tips, suggestions and motivation for SUCCESS!

Here are a few of the many things you will learn from Dr. Joe’s coaching sessions:

  • Basic concept behind diet / blood type connection.
  • How to reach your ideal weight and keep it!
  • Why certain foods are right for you to eat but not for others.
  • How certain foods prevent you from losing weight.
  • What to do to overcome health issues i.e. diabetes, elevated cholesterol, digestive disorders, colon problems and more.
  • Exercising at home and redesigning your body.
  • And Much More!
Special Bonus

You receive 30% OFF all Body Redesigning nutritional products.

After you sign up, the Body Redesigning Healthy Lifestyle System will be shipped to you. You will also receive a login code to our Online Coaching Center. At your convenience, you can begin your weekly coaching session(s) w/ Dr. Joe.

Let’s review what you get:

1. The Healthy Lifestyle System

2. Online Coaching w/ Dr. Joe

3. 30% OFF all nutritional products.

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